Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

Dr. Daniels

It’s no secret that the dynamics of the communities Madison College serves have changed over time. So have the skills Wisconsin’s employers demand, as have the levels of state funding for higher education. Add to that the renovation and construction of new facilities at our regional and Truax campuses and the beginning of Madison College’s second century and it’s clear that now is a good time to revisit our strategic plan.

Strategic planning is to an organization what a map is to a road rally driver. It is a tool that defines the best routes that will take the organization from where it is to where stakeholders want it to go. The strategic planning process brings to life the mission and vision of Madison College. For the plan to be of maximum value, it must take into account the environment and factors that influence our organizational climate – with input from internal and external stakeholders. The first step in this process is the Mission, Vision and Values discussions that were part of our Oct. 25 Convocation. (There were also many opportunities for faculty, staff and students to participate in follow-up sessions held after Convocation.)

Over the next nine months, our Strategic Planning Steering Team with representatives from all areas of the College will play an important role in charting the future of the College. The team’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing input and finalizing recommendations for Mission, Vision and Values
  • Reviewing external influences and their impact on college environment
  • Creating a gap/situation analysis
  • Identifying strategic issues
  • Formulating strategic directions
  • Reviewing sub-teams priorities and measures
  • Determining assessment process and planning follow-up dates
  • Finalizing the strategic plan recommendation to be shared with the President’s Cabinet and Board of Trustees

As the economic, political, cultural and academic environment becomes more complex, the need for strategic planning becomes greater. That is why it’s important that all Madison College employees embrace our mission, know where we’re going and how we plan to get there. The benefits of the discipline that develops from the process of strategic planning are improved communication, better decisions that are based on data, a deliberate selection of tactical options, and a higher probability of achieving our foremost goal: student success.

Strategic planning meetings began in November and continue through May of 2014.Our Plan will be dynamic and assessed on a continued basis to make interventions as appropriate.

Watch future editions of Matters or visit the Announcements page for periodic updates. In the meantime, thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic engagement and candid feedback.


Jack E. Daniels III, PhD