Strategy Forum

The Strategy Forum brings together teams from diverse colleges and universities for three days to generate and test new improvement strategies in a creative, supportive environment. The institutions that interact all share a commitment to continuous quality improvement and its application to the operations, values, and goals of higher education. Participating in a Strategy Forum provides an institution with supportive, facilitated peer feedback to stimulate and assist it in conceiving, critically examining, and committing to a key set of Action Projects.

In preparation of Madison Area Technical College's first Strategy Forum in 2003, the College participated in a Vital Focus. Vital Focus is a package consisting of an online survey of all institutional employees and a series of on-campus conversations about institutional strengths and opportunities. The AQIP Steering Team took the 3-5 major themes from the Vital Focus and selected the first of its four action projects.

In 2006, Madison College attended its second Strategy Forum where the focus was on larger strategic issues such as our internal processes for selecting and prioritizing strategies and finding a mechanism for creating Action Projects (now know as Continuous Quality Improvement projects).

As a result of the third Strategy Forum in 2010, the attendees identified potential projects that will be discussed more with employees across the college, approved by College Council, and finalized into project charters.