Street Rider Course (SRC)

This is an Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course designed to provided on-road experience and a practical application of the basic physical and mental skills for managing risk. The focus of the course is on strategies for identifying and responding to typical riding situations in multiple riding environments. Students are exposed to lane positioning for visibility and space cushion, situational awareness, and proper cornering process. There is an emphasis to think like a safety-minded, responsible rider who uses aggressive vision and gives full attention to the riding task.

There is a two hour preparatory session including some introductory activities, equipment check and qualifying skill test. Individuals who meet all the necessary criteria will move on to the on road portion.

After equipment and paperwork checks students will accompany RiderCoaches on a predetermined routes. Routes are progressively more challenging and start with lower-speed areas and move to suburban areas with multiple lane roadways, city streets and highways.

Program not offered in 2015

SRC syllabus (28KB)

Rider on rough road

 What do I need sign up?

  • Valid Motorcycle License
  • Motorcycle with proof of ownership, registration and insurance
  • Appropriate Riding Gear, including Helmet
  • Willingness to try new techniques