Student Clubs




One way to get to know others who share your interests is to join a campus club. Madison College offers more than 60 clubs. Some clubs that are linked to specific programs,others are because of common interests and social club.

Benefits of Club Membership

Students who are active in campus clubs have the opportunity to attend conferences and social events, participate in various competitions or community service projects, and develop leadership and career skills. In addition, club membership can make your resume stand out from others.

Club Resources

Many resources have been made available to campus clubs through the Student Life Office. Some of those resources include:

 SAB Funds, to support travel, membership, and to hold programs on campus.

Access to copy machines, computers, storage lockers and other equipment in the Student Life Office.
In order to continue to have access to these resources, student clubs must renew their Club by submitting all required registration forms to the Club Coordinator Lori Erickson in the Student Life Office in the fall every year.

To Learn More

If you’d like to find out more about clubs offered at Madison College, look through our Club Directory and contact the appropriate advisor. You can also call the Student Life Office at (608) 246-6224 or e-mail us at