Student Conflicts, Complaints and Concerns

College is exciting and stimulating, but it can be confusing and stressful. Classes, exams, work, family and friends place new demands on students’ time and energy. The emotional and academic pressures of college life can become overwhelming at times resulting in conflicts, complaints or concerns which may involve a Madison Area Technical College faculty/staff member, administrator, another student or a process.

Your first step is to determine the type of conflict, complaint or concern. If you need help making the determination or help preparing to follow this process, contact Conflict Management Services (CMS) by calling (608) 246-6076 or by visiting the Student Development Center.

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• Appeal of Academic Misconduct Decision  
Final Grade Dispute
Regarding a Faculty Member
(classroom management, teaching style, language, etc.)
Regarding a Staff Member


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Academic Misconduct 
Classroom Disruptions
Other behavior or conduct of concern (Behavioral Intervention Team)
Poor academic performance or attendance (Early Alert)
Student Code of Conduct violations 
Regarding another student


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Dispute of Charges
• Website design or navigation
Technology Help Desk for students
Technology Help Desk for staff and faculty
Other processes or systems



If you have submitted a complaint or concern and are not satisifed with our internal process, students have the right to file a complaint to the Wisconsin Technical College System (pdf, 49KB)