Student Information

Making a Test Reservation

You must have an accommodation plan on file with Disability Resource Services for the current academic year.

Go to the Student Reservation Form and complete. This must be submitted at least five days prior to the test date, late requests will not be accepted. You will receive an email confirmation and an Outlook apointment email once your request has been approved. Tests should be scheduled during the day and time that your class is being tested. Do not schedule accommodated tests during lecture time. 

Testing Center Rules:

1. Food and beverages are not permitted in the Testing rooms.

2. Cell phones, electronic devices and personal items (book bags, pencil bags, textbooks, iPods, coats and caps) are not permitted in the Testing rooms.  Lockers are available at some locations.

3. Open book/open note testing is only permitted for authorized tests.

4. Once you have started the exam, you may not leave the testing center. There are surveillance cameras within the Testing Center. Computer screens will be monitored throughout the exams.

5. Once a test is issued, it must be completed in one sitting.

6. Children are not permitted in the Testing Center.

7. Acts of dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action (Academic Integrity).

Day of the Test

Arrive at the testing center on time and prepared to take your exam. Your alloted test time begins at the start time you requested on the Reservation Form. Students testing at a regional campus should report to the front/main office. You may be asked to show a photo ID.

Changes to Your Reservation

If you cancel or change the time/day of your scheduled exam, you must notify the testing center and obtain the approval of your instructor. 

Other Important Information

  • Exams are returned to instructors within 24 hours of the scheduled exam day.
  • Any violations to the Student Code of Conduct  including cheating, will be reported to the instructor.
  • Accommodations can be provided at all Madison College locations.

If you have questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.