Student Rights & Responsibilities

Madison Area Technical College is a tax-supported institution, which serves a large student body, many community groups and many visitors. It is important for the college and its many constituents that students have knowledge of their rights and responsibilities reflective of the values of the college—excellence, respect and integrity. The following rights and responsibilities apply to all students of Madison Area Technical College.

Student Rights

  1. Students have the right to experience a high quality learning environment, free from disruptions and distractions.
  2. Students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, free from harassment and/or discrimination.
  3. Students have the right to request reasonable and appropriate support and assistance from the other campus community members, including students, staff, and faculty in maintaining a climate conducive to thinking and learning.
  4. Students have the right to protection against improper academic evaluation.
  5. Students have the right to a safe, tobacco-free, drug-free, weapons-free and alcohol-free learning environment.
  6. Students have the right to express their ideas in writing, in speech, or by use of other media, within the guarantees of the law.
  7. Students have the right to participate in the formulation and application of college policy affecting student life and services through clearly defined means, to form clubs and organizations within the guidelines established by the Student Activities Board and to allocate appropriate student activity and incidental fees.
  8. Students have the right to bring formal charges against other campus community members for violating the Student Code of Conduct or other college policies, procedures and/or practices.
  9. Students have the right to due process if accused of violating the Madison Area Technical College Student Code of Conduct. This includes a right to be heard, a right to decision and review by impartial persons or bodies, and a right to adequate notice.  
  10. Students have the right to protection against identity theft and fraud and to have personally identifiable information from the college records not be disclosed by the College without each student’s prior written consent; to request to withhold student record information; to inspect, review and challenge the contents of their educational records; and to request corrections to inaccurate or misleading data contained in their records.

Student Responsibilities or Code of Conduct.