Student Status

Students are assigned enrollment appointments to register for degree-credit (credit-bearing) classes based on their student status:

Students continuing in a certificate or program of study from one semester to the next will be assigned the first of the enrollment appointments. Learn more at Continuing Student Registration. Eligible military service members and veterans may request a priority enrollment appointment. Learn more about Military Service Members Priority Registration.

Students entering their first semester in a degree program are given the next set of enrollment appointments and are invited to either a mandatory orientation or advising & registration session for assistance in registering for program classes. Learn more at Orientation.

Students who are not pursuing a degree from Madison College, but are looking to take a few degree-credit classes will register during our open registration time period. Prepare by referencing the Open Registration web page. You may also want to consider the advantages of being accepted in a degree or certificate program at Madison College.

Non-Degree Classes: All students are welcome to register in non-degree (non-credit) courses. Visit Continuing Education for more information.

Registration Dates for the upcoming semester can be found on the Registration Calendar. For a guide on how to register for degree-credit classes at Madison College, reference the Registration Checklist.