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Did you know that for most students, the reasons for dropping out of college or not doing well is due in large part to issues outside the classroom. Academic failure can be the result of relationship issues, poor self-management skills, lack of motivation, poor study skills, poor emotional management and/or demanding nonacademic responsibilities.
If you have struggled academically in the past or if your self-confidence is low as it relates to your academic performance, we have some courses designed just for you. College Success classes at Madison College provide the essential content needed for students to succeed in college and beyond. 
How can you develop these important academic and life skills? Counselors teach and develop curriculum for a variety of college success classes designed to help students learn how to achieve success in college and in life. Add College Success, Study Skills or Career development to your next schedule. You’ll gain a unique advantage in the classroom and in life with the survival and success skills taught in these courses offered at Madison College.
You’ll find a tremendous amount of information delivered in an active, engaging learning environment. Not only will these classes build your success skills for your college work, but it also will give you a foundation of behaviors, habits and skills that will enable you to succeed and thrive in the working world. 

Your desire to succeed is the only prerequisite.
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20-890-200 College Success-LAT

This course provides students with strategies to develop skills for success in college. Students will work on academic skills such as test taking, note taking, reading etc. and, learners will work on other success strategies such as motivation, goal setting, interdependence, and self-awareness. Students will apply self-management techniques, explore resource management strategies, practice study skills, and learn about ways to improve personal effectiveness.

20-890-200-College Success- Learning to Learn Camp

This three-credit college course is an alternative to college success format that meets one full week in August before the semester starts, followed by an eight-week Fall seminar. Meet new friends, become familiar with campus along with a strong support network and become more comfortable with technology and study skills.  Please visit our L2L website for more information about this course. 

20-890-201 Study Skills

This course will help you target strategies to maximize your learning so that you are an effective, responsible learner. The focus includes assessing your strengths as a learner and learning new strategies to enhance areas needing improvement. Strategies to learn and apply include topics such as: motivation, self/time management, organization, textbook reading, note-taking skills, test preparation and test taking. Become an active learner in your classes!


20-890-202 Career Development

Are you unsure of what your future might look like? Do you have some ideas of possible career choices but are still uncertain? Do you wonder how to learn about careers or majors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider taking this course. Career Development is a lifelong decision-making process that includes knowing yourself and understanding the world of work. This course will assist you in exploring each of these areas while helping you to create options, make decisions, set goals and develop an action plan for your future. Get on your way to your dreams!

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