Study Skills

How are your Study Skills? On this page, you'll find resources to help you better assess an academic problem, organize a solution, and successfully complete academic assignments.

Recommended Workshops: 

  • Study Skills for College: Learn the basic skills for success in college: Organization, Time Management, Note-taking, Textbook Reading and more!
  • Time Management: Where DOES the time go? How do you successfully balance school, study time, work schedules, family, friends, and other activities? This workshop focuses on how you manage YOURSELF in relation to time. Students will have the opportunity to see where their time goes and to learn strategies of self-management!
  • Procrastination: Learn valuable techniques for overcoming procrastination.
  • Test-taking Strategies: Learn how to prepare for and take exams. Special emphasis on multiple-choice test-taking tips. Learn how to improve your scores on multiple-choice exams!
  • Final Exam Test-taking Strategies: Final exams can be tricky. Get last minute tips for preparing for and taking final exams.