Supervisory Management Advanced Standing, Transfer & Experiential Credit

Program to Program Transfer Information

Credits successfully completed through accredited schools may be transferred to Madison College and applied to the Associate Degree. Students are asked to supply a formal transcript that is then reviewed for acceptance of transfer.
Madison College and the Supervisory Management program have developed formal agreements with four-year colleges and universities that enable students and graduates to transfer credits earned in an Associate Degree program to a specific institution. This program-to-program transfer allows you to continue your studies towards completion of a four-year degree.

Advanced Standing

Many adult learners have completed training and education through other institutions, their employers or have gained experience through years of work. Documentation of those achievements can be used to equate with the competencies in the program courses through the granting of advanced standing or experiential credit. Students are asked to provide documentation from employers for training and/or a summary of their experience, which is reviewed to determine if course competencies have been met.
Gaining advanced standing or experiential credit does not provide a grade for a course. It simply shows that the competencies have been met for a specific course and the student no longer is required to take that course to receive the degree.
For more information, please contact the School of Business and Applied Arts at (608) 246-6003.