Supplemental Instruction (SI)

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction is a learning enhancement program that targets traditionally difficult courses and provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated review sessions. Students have the opportunity to attend these sessions to discuss and process course information.   In SI, our focus isn’t high-risk students, but high-risk classes. For this reason, SI is open to all students who want to increase their understanding of course material and improve their grades.  SI improves academic performance (students’ grades) by increasing critical thinking, reduces drop/withdrawal rates, and increases graduation rates. 

SI Sessions

  • Attendance is voluntary and open to any student in the class (not just those doing poorly)
  • Students meet with other students to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying course materials, and test yourselves before the instructor does
  • Each session is guided by an SI leader
  • There is no cost to attend the sessions

SI Leaders 

  • SI Leaders are students who have successfully completed the course
  • SI Leaders attend class meetings not only to model successful student behaviors, but to be an integral and familiar part of the classroom community
  • SI Leaders schedule and lead weekly study sessions that are convenient for students to attend
  • SI leaders integrate study skills with course content
  • SI leaders are hired, trained, and supervised by the SI Supervisor

SI Faculty

  • Faculty are instrumental in selecting well-qualified and available students to be SI Leaders
  • Faculty allow time for occasional in-class announcements by the SI Leader
  • Faculty conference with their SI leader a minimum of twice each term for evaluation and improvement

What’s in it for you?

If you attend regularly, chances are you’ll earn a better grade, increase your understanding of course content, and develop more effective ways of studying - which will carry over to other classes! 

How to join an SI Group

Ask your instructor if your class has an SI group.  If so, they will refer you to the SI leader for group study sessions times.  If not, the instructor may appoint an SI leader to begin a group for that course.

For more about SI contact:

SI Supervisor
Library & Academic Support Services
(608) 246-6731