Tax Transcript (Text Version)

How to Request a Tax Return Transcript

If you are unable or choose not to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the online FAFSA application, you may obtain a tax return transcript by completing the following steps: 

Go to the Get Transcript for My Tax Records on the Tools section of the web page. Click on “Get Transcript ONLINE” and click “OK” on the authorization box that pops up.

If you already have an account:

  1. Enter User ID (user name) and click “Sign In”.
  2. Verify security picture and phrase are correct. Enter password, click “Submit”. This will take you to the “Get Transcript” page.

If this is your first visit or you previously used a guest log in, click “Create An Account”.

  1. Enter first name, last name, e-mail, and re-enter email to confirm.
  2. Keep the browser window open and use another window or tab to log in to your email account to obtain your confirmation code. The subject line of the email from will be “Your IRS Online Services Email Confirmation Code”
  3. Enter the confirmation number from the email into site, click “Verify Email Confirmation Code”. Enter all remaining personal information. For filing status use the most recent tax return filed.  Note: The check box at the bottom of the page should only be checked if you want to log in as a guest.  This option has fewer steps.  If you want to create an account you can use in the future, do not check the box.
  4. Answer security questions, click “Continue”.

If you are logging in as a guest, you will be taken directly to the “Get Transcript” page. If you are creating a reusable account, you will need to select a security phrase, picture, and security questions, and choose a user name and password.  

After the above steps are complete you can go to the “Get Transcript” page. 

  1. Click the radio button indicating what you need the transcript for.
  2. A green box will appear suggesting which one would be appropriate. 
  3. Make sure pop-up blocker is turned off in your browser. Click the link for the type of transcript and year you want to print. The transcript will open as a PDF in a new tab or window. 
  4. The options on the page include a Return Transcript, a Record of Account Transcript, an Account Transcript, and Wage & Income Transcript.  For any recent year a student did not file, the year link will have an asterisk next to it and can be clicked on to create a non-filing status letter.  Note: the most recent tax year available for filing will show an asterisk until after taxes are actually filed and processed.   
  5. Make a copy of your transcript and retain the original for your records. 
  6. Before submitting, the student's name and student ID number should be written on the transcript so that it can be attached to the student's financial aid record.


If you are unable or choose not to use the Get Transcript for My Tax Records online, you may submit a mail-in request IRS Form 4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return). Students and/or parents should request transcripts be sent to their own address and NOT Madison College. A copy can then be made and sent in upon receipt. The student's name and student ID number should be written on the transcript prior to submitting so that is can be attached to the correct student's record.


For further assistance, login and submit a question via myMadisonCollege myAnswers or call the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.