What is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V)?

Each question on the TEAS V is mapped to one of 115 objectives, all of which address topics presented in grades 7 through 12. 

The TEAS V is a proctored, online assessment involving 170 questions, including 20 “unscored” pretest questions, which cover the following content areas: reading; mathematics; science; and English and language usage. This 170 multiple-choice question test will be offered at all Madison College campuses on multiple days throughout each school year. 

More details can be found on the ATI Testing website.

What is covered in each of the four content areas being assessed on the TEAS?

  • Reading (42 questions) - paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and informational source comprehension.

  • Math (30 questions) - numbers and operations, algebraic applications, data interpretation; measurement.

  • Science (48 questions) - human body science; life science, earth and physical science, scientific reasoning.

  • English and Language Usage (30 questions) - grammar and word meanings in context, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. 

How much time does it take to complete the TEAS?

The maximum amount of time allotted for the TEAS is 209 minutes (about 3.5 hours). Each section is timed:  Reading = 58 minutes; Math = 51 minutes: Science = 66 minutes; English = 34 minutes.  There is not a break between sections.

Is a photo ID required?

For identification purposes, a valid photo ID is required to take the ATI TEAS V test.  Please bring an ID when you test.

What is the cost of taking the TEAS V? How do I pay for it

The fee is $81. You will need to pay for the TEAS V using a major credit card via the ATI Testing website test registration at least twenty-four hours prior to any test date.

What is changing on the TEAS V as of August 31, 2016?

As of August 31, 2016, TEAS V will be replaced with the updated ATI TEAS. Students testing on or after August 31, 2016 can now purchase the ATI TEAS Study Manual. If you are taking the test prior to August 31, 2016 you will need to study and test on the TEAS V exam. If you are testing on or after August 31, 2016 you will study for the ATI TEAS. The ATI TEAS will be similar in difficulty level to the previous version of the TEAS. Content updates were made to align with current education standards deemed important for entry level health science applicants to possess.

The ATI TEAS, being released August 31, 2016, will allow for the use of a four function calculator. Please do not bring your own calculator as a calculator will be embedded within the online version of the exam.   For paper pencil versions of the TEAS test, the testing center will provide a four-function calculator.

Calculator use is not allowed when taking the TEAS V, as at the time of its development, the decision to allow calculator use was not part of the outlined standardized testing environment. The standardized testing environment needs to be maintained for all testers taking the TEAS V.

If I have testing accommodations already approved by Madison College (DRS), can I get these accommodations when I take the TEAS V?

Students who are approved for testing accommodations by Madison College can take the TEAS V.  The student will need to provide a copy of the accommodation and will need to set up a testing time with the Madison College Testing Center ( The student will need to register on the ATI website and also complete a Student Reservation Form for their accommodations.  The TEAS V test with accommodations needs to be scheduled at 9:00 a.m.

If the student has not yet received approval for accommodations, they should contact Disability Resources Services at 608.246.6716 or