TEAS V Test Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V)?

Each question on the TEAS V is mapped to one of 115 objectives, all of which address topics presented in grades 7 through 12. 

The TEAS V is a proctored, online assessment involving 170 questions, including 20 “unscored” pretest questions, which cover the following content areas: reading; mathematics; science; and English and language usage. This 170 multiple-choice question test will be offered at all Madison College campuses on multiple days throughout each school year. 

More details can be found on the ATI Testing website.

What is covered in each of the four content areas being assessed on the TEAS?

  • Reading (42 questions) - paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and informational source comprehension.

  • Math (30 questions) - numbers and operations, algebraic applications, data interpretation; measurement.

  • Science (48 questions) - human body science; life science, earth and physical science, scientific reasoning.

  • English and Language Usage (30 questions) - grammar and word meanings in context, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. 

How much time does it take to complete the TEAS?

The maximum amount of time allotted for the TEAS is 209 minutes (about 3.5 hours). Each section is timed:  Reading = 58 minutes; Math = 51 minutes: Science = 66 minutes; English = 34 minutes.  There is not a break between sections.

Is a photo ID required?

For identification purposes, a valid photo ID is required to take the ATI TEAS V test.  Please bring an ID when you test.

If I have testing accommodations already approved by Madison College (DRS), can I get these accommodations when I take the TEAS V?

Students who are approved for testing accommodations by Madison College can take the TEAS V.  The student will need to provide a copy of the accommodation and will need to set up a testing time with the Madison College Testing Center ( The student will need to register on the ATI website and also complete a Student Reservation Form for their accommodations.  The TEAS V test with accommodations needs to be scheduled at 9:00 a.m.

If the student has not yet received approval for accommodations, they should contact Disability Resources Services at 608.246.6716 or

When do I take the TEAS?

Students can take the TEAS V whenever they feel they are ready to do so, although you will need to check your program admission requirements to ensure the TEAS V is completed prior to the application deadline.  

Students need to register on line at the ATI website for any of the below sessions.

TEAS Test Dates at Truax in Room D2603 are:

Wednesday, July 23 5:00PM

Thursday, July 24 8:30AM

Tuesday, July 29 12:30PM

Wednesday, July 30 5:00PM

Thursday, July 31 8:30AM

Wednesday, August 6 5:00PM

Tuesday, August 12 12:30PM

Thursday, August 14 8:30AM

Wednesday, August 20 5:00PM

Tuesday, August 26 12:30PM

Reedsburg Campus:  Thursday, August 28 9:00AM

Fort Atkinson Campus:  Monday, August 25 5:00PM and Tuesday, October 7 5:00PM

Please consult the ATI website for specific dates, times and locations of TEAS testing at Madison College.

How can I prepare for the TEAS V?

Prior to taking the TEAS V, students are encouraged to visit the ATI website and consider purchasing any of the TEAS V preparation products listed on the ATI website.  Please check the website for current TEAS preparation products and prices, all of these can be purchased individually or in packages through the ATI website.

ATI Learning Strategies: Your Guide to Classroom and Test-taking Success

ATI - TEAS V - Pre-Test Study Manual

This official TEAS V resource is specifically written to address each objective that could potentially be addressed on the TEAS V exam, including the four content areas: reading; mathematics; science; English and language use.  The Study Manual also contains two 150-item practice tests.

There are three TEAS Online Practice Assessments on the ATI website, each test contains a different set of 150 questions, patterned after the original TEAS V exam and designed to give the student a sense of what to expect in both test content and format.

TEAS Test Prep Course

In this 6 week course, you will be led by an instructor while working collaboratively with your classmates to review Test Taking Strategies, Reading, Science, Math, and English. You will also receive access to a blackboard site that will assist you in preparing for this exam. 

What is the cost of taking the TEAS V? How do I pay for it

The fee is $81. You will need to pay for the TEAS V using a major credit card via the ATI Testing website test registration at least twenty-four hours prior to any test date.

How do I register for a TEAS V test date?

First, you need to set up an ATI account:

·     Go to the ATI Testing website.

·     Under the username and password boxes, select “Create an Account” (the username and    password you select will be used for ALL of your future access to the ATI account).

·     Complete all blue mandatory fields (use your Madison College email account only).

·     Under “Institution”, select Madison Area Technical College.

·     Once your account is set up you can now register for a TEAS date.

To register for a TEAS V test date:

·     Go to the ATI Testing website.

·     Select the state and city from the drop-down menu.

o   You will then find a series of TEAS V test dates for Madison College. 

o  Pick a date and continue through the registration process.  At the time you register for a test date, you will need to provide a major credit card.

o  Once the TEAS V test is purchased, there are NO refunds.  Students are charged the full price of the test for the initial test, or if necessary, for any number of retakes.

o  Please print off payment confirmation and bring this to the testing site.

All students are required to pre-register with ATI at least 24 hours before any scheduled date, there are no exceptions to this registration process.  There are limited computer spaces available at each testing session, so register early. Please note that if you need to cancel your registration you must do so via the instructions on the ATI website. 


How do I log in to see my test scores?




How will I know if I have "passed" the TEAS?


ATI has completed an extensive statistical analysis of TEAS V to establish five categories of academic preparedness.  These categories (listed from lowest to highest) are Developmental; Basic; Proficient: Advanced; and Exemplary.  After thoughtful and careful review of the TEAS V National Standard Setting Study 2010 - Executive Summary, the Madison College Programs have determined their individual benchmarks.  Please refer to your program Admission Requirement sheet to review your TEAS V test required for your program of choice.  


How do I read my Individual Performance Profile?


Once you have logged into your account and retrieve your Individual Performance Profile.  You will see the Adjusted Individual Total Score, is your Composite Score.  Then below, you will see the Adjusted Individual Score for each category, we have highlighted the areas below to show.


How will I get my TEAS scores to Madison College?


If the TEAS V test is completed at Madison College, the college will be able to view your scores.  If you have taken the TEAS V test somewhere other than Madison College, the applicant must submit an official transcript from ATI to Madison College, 1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53704.


How long are my TEAS V scores good for?


AllTEAS V test results are good for up to four years. (e.g. test date 8/1/13 are good until 8/1/17).


What do I do if I do not meet scores identified by Madison College Programs?


After completing the TEAS V you will be able to log into your account to view your Individual Performance Profile and your Adjusted Individual Scores.  If your scores do not meet your program requirements, you can study the Topics to Review information provided by ATI prior to setting up your next testing date. 



You can also receive additional support from the Student Achievement Center [Room A2000] and Library [Room A3000] located in the Truax Gateway.  Regional Centers and Libraries are also open for support.  Peer tutoring, individual instructor assistance or study groups are available in the Student Achievement Center.  The Library has TEAS study guides and practice test material in addition to numerous materials for practicing math, science, reading and writing-and a quiet place to study.

Library Phone:  608.246.6640

Student Achievement Center Phone: 608.246.6125


Are you unsure about your program selection?

After reviewing your Adjusted Individual Score and The Topics to Review sheet, if you feel that you would like to explore other career/program options, please contact Admissions Advising at 608.246.6239. Madison College offers an array of programs, and an Admissions Advisor can help you identify the right program for you.


How many times can I take the TEAS V?


There isn't a limit to the number of times students can take the TEAS V.  Although each time you complete the TEAS V test you will be assessed the $81 fee. You are encouraged to wait a minimum of two weeks before taking the test again to allow for additional preparation.


Can I retake just the sections of the TEAS test in which I was unsuccessful?

Students will be able to retake the portion(s) of the test in which they were previously unsuccessful.  To raise a composite score, it is necessary to retake the entire TEAS. The registration is still completed at the ATI Testing website and the fee is still $81, regardless of how many sections will be needed.  At the time of the test, students must inform the proctor that they are testing in only one or two sections; the proctor will then give the students the appropriate assessment ID code(s). 


Who do I contact if I have any further questions about TEAS V?


For questions and concerns regarding scheduling, please contact the Testing office at 608.246.5220.


For all other questions, please contact the Enrollment Center at 608.246.6210.