TelePresence Tutoring

If a tutor cannot be found for your class at your campus, we may be able to connect you with a tutor using TelePresence. 
Telepresence allows Madison College to reach students in two locations in such a realistic way that it feels as if everyone is in the same room. This immersive environment is created by making sure that the rooms are identical in every aspect. In each room, to facilitate instruction, is an instructor computer, high definition document camera, and two large supplemental monitors to display what is being performed on the instructor computer. These supplemental monitors display that information to both rooms simultaneously.
Madison Area Technical College has eleven TelePresence rooms available to students. 
  • Six rooms are large classrooms that seat 16 students and the instructor.  The primary use of these rooms is instructional delivery. 
  • Five rooms are small room which hold 1-2 people.  These rooms are used for tutoring, advising, and meetings.

Scheduling a tutoring session via TelePresence is easy.  Simply complete the Tutoring with TelePresence request form from the menu on the right.  You will hear from us within 2 business days of submitting your request. 

Other helpful TelePresence information:

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