Transfer Checklist

The following Transfer Checklist will help you reach your educational goals:

Identify the major for the career you want - Learn what type of degree and major will lead to the career of your dreams.

Explore possible 4-year colleges - Find out which 4-year colleges meet your needs in terms of majors offered, location, cost, etc.

Sign the transfer contract to UW Madison or UW Whitewater (if these are your transfer choices)Transfer contracts have been developed to guarantee admission into select four-year institutions, i.e. UW Madison Transfer Contract. Students need to meet with a Madison College transfer advisor to determine eligibility.

Discover the required courses for your 4-year degree - Once you have identified a 4-year college to which you want to transfer, research the admission, general education, and major requirements you'll need to complete your degree.

Chart out your coursework plan - Make a plan for when you'll be taking the courses you need to meet admission, general education, and major requirements for your transfer college. See how your Madison College credits will transfer to UW-System schools using the Transfer Information Wizard.

Decide when you should transfer - An associate's degree is not required to transfer. Click here for help deciding the most appropriate time to transfer.

How to Transfer from Madison College - When you are within a year of transferring, it is time to begin preparing to apply to colleges. Make sure you give yourself lots of time (more than you THINK you need!)

If you need assistance with the transfer process, please contact a Academic Advisor. An Advisor at your transfer college may also be a good resource.