Transferring Visa From Madison College (Transfer-Out)

Information Regarding Transferring Out

For F-1 visa international students transferring from Madison College to another college.

Instructions for Student: (Also available in PDF): 

The first step with transferring your SEVIS I-20 record to another educational institution is to be admitted by another college.

After being admitted, provide to CIE the following items by email or in-person:

1. Copy of your admission letter to the new college.

2. Your desired transfer release date for SEVIS. Please consider the following information when determining which date you would like your I-20 record to be transferred to your new college in SEVIS:

    • The transfer release date must be after you have completed all course requirements for the semester at Madison College.
    • If you are working on-campus or with an off-campus work authorization, all paid employment must end before the transfer release date.  
    • If you will be completing/graduating from your current program of study at Madison College, the transfer release date must be no later than 60 days after your graduation/completion date.
    • If your I-20 is expiring (see item #5 on page 1 of your most recently issued I-20) and you will not be completing/graduating from your current program of study at Madison College, the transfer release date must be before your I-20 expiration date.
    • SUGGESTION: If you will be travelling abroad after you have finished at Madison College and before you begin at your new college, you should use the I-20 from your new college when returning to the U.S. This means that you may wish to provide CIE with a transfer release date that falls immediately after you have completed all course requirements, so the new college will be able to give you a new I-20 before you travel abroad. If you are unable to get your new I-20 before leaving the U.S., you should arrange for your new college to mail it to you abroad. Please understand that the new college will only be able to make you a new I-20 after the transfer release date you provide to CIE.

3. Possibly: Some colleges may provide you with a form to be completed by CIE. This form is generally used to gather information about your current visa status, dates of enrollment at Madison College, and your requested transfer release date. CIE will return the form directly to the new college, unless requested otherwise. 

With the above information, CIE will schedule your I-20 record to transfer in SEVIS on the transfer release date or, if additional processing time is needed, as soon as possible after this date. You will be notified by email after the transfer has been successfully scheduled.

If you change your mind and wish to either remain at Madison College or to transfer to a different college, please notify CIE immediately. SEVIS only allows us to cancel or change the transfer before the originally scheduled release date.

If you have any questions about this process please email or visit CIE to meet with the International Student Specialist. Thank you!