Tri-County Summer

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Madison College Tri-County Summer Basketball Program is to provide area youth a quality, structured basketball program to develop individual and team skills in the off season. We do not allow all-star teams to participate and AAU teams must play up at least one age group.

Please be sure to have the following player information in order to fill out the roster properly:
First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, T-shirt Size (T-shirts are available only for the 5-on-5 league, and are included in the league fee.  Please make sure to include this information when filling out the roster).

Registration Deadline
May 16, 2014

Schedules Posted Online
June 5, 2015

Coaches Pick Up T-Shirts (only for 5-on-5 league)
June 11, 2015 (11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm)
or 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled game

League Dates
3-on-3 league: June 9 - July 8, 2014 (M, T) - NEW for 2014!!

5-on-5 league: June 16 - July 24, 2014 (M, T, W, R)

4th of July Break
3-on-3 leagues will have games on Monday, June 30, 2014 and Tuesday July 1, 2014

5-on-5 leagues - No games June 30 - July 4, 2014

League Forms & Brochures

5-on-5 League Brochure

5-on-5 Summer League Rules

3-on-3 League Brochure - NEW for 2014!!

3-on-3 Summer League Rules

Concussion Waiver Form

2014 Tri-County Summer League Schedule (will be posted on June 5, 2014)

Girls 5-on-5 Leagues

7th Grade

Girls 3-on-3 Leagues

7th/8th Grade

9th/10th Grade


Boys 5-on-5 Leagues

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Boys 3-on-3 Leagues

5th/6th Grade

7th/8th Grade

9th/10th Grade

Directions and College Campus Map

Use this link for the up-to-date Campus Map for parking during all swim lessons, leagues, fitness center use, and intramural offerings, along with all the intercollegiate athletic field locations for Madison College on the Truax campus.

League Format

5-on-5 League (5 Weeks - Double headers in all leagues. Limited to 9 teams in each league except for 8th grade girls which is limited to 6 teams)


Credit Card must be provided when registering a team.

2014 Tri-County Summer League Registration (Closed for all leagues)

Girls 5-on-5 League (9 teams per league except **8th grade which is limited to 6 teams)

4th Grade  (Monday at 3, 4, 5pm)

5th Grade  (Monday at 12, 1, 2pm)

6th Grade  (Tuesday at 3, 4, 5pm)

7th Grade  (Thursday at 12, 1, 2pm)

**8th Grade  (Wednesday at 5, 6pm)

Girls 3-on-3 League (6 teams per league)

5th Grade  (Tuesday at 6 & 6:30pm)

6th Grade  (Tuesday at 6 & 6:30pm)

7th Grade  (Tuesday at 7 & 7:30pm)

8th Grade  (Tuesday at 7 & 7:30pm)

9th Grade  (Tuesday at 8 & 8:30pm)

10th Grade  (
Tuesday at 8 & 8:30pm)

Boys 5-on-5 League (9 teams per league)

4th Grade  (Wednesday at 3, 4, 5pm)

5th Grade  (Tuesday at 12, 1, 2pm)

6th Grade  (Wednesday at 12, 1, 2pm)

7th Grade  (Thursday at 3, 4, 5pm)

8th Grade  (Thursday at 6, 7, 8pm)

Boys 3-on-3 League (6 teams per league)

5th Grade  (Monday at 6 & 6:30pm)

6th Grade  (Monday at 6 & 6:30pm)

7th Grade  (Monday at 7 & 7:30pm)

8th Grade  (Monday at 7 & 7:30pm)

9th Grade  (Monday at 8 & 8:30pm)

10th Grade  (Monday at 8 & 8:30pm)



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