UCG Student Staff Positions


Madison Area Technical College
United Common Ground Chair Positions

Spring 2015 Meeting Times: Mondays 4:30pm-5:30pm C1408, Student Life Meeting Room

United Common Ground is led by a Board of students who work for the organization.
These paid positions are responsible for holding UCG general membership meetings,
coordinating activities,and planning events.

United Common Ground is a Madison College student-led programming organization that develops,
implements and hosts campus/community programs on diversity, multiculturalism and social/contemporary
issues. This organization is sponsored through the Office of Student Life and is funded through the Student
Activity Board (SAB). General membership is open to all students and there are five chair positions that
receive stipends per semester. Duration of the positions is per semester.

These positions are responsible for developing and implementing programs/events that educate and bring
awareness to the campus regarding diversity/multiculturalism/education/advocacy/community outreach.
Events will help to create a welcoming, inclusive campus climate for all students. Additionally, they will
educate students about cultural diversity/ race/class/gender/ethnicity and social differences in an effort to
assist students in formulating a global perspective. The positions will work with UCG general members,
faculty, staff, community representatives and advisor to select, host and support events.

Stipend: $250-$400 per semester
(issued after satisfactory advisor reviews at mid/end of semester)

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