Using Alternative Media Properly

Using Alternative Media Properly

Approaching this accommodation as simply "listening to books" or "having your computer read the books for you" is likely to result in frustration and disappointment. Students should be prepared to actively participate in the process, which includes:

  • reading along with the print textbook
  • making notes of where you are in the text
  • constructing outlines of assigned readings

Using these strategies will allow students to maximize the benefits of alternative media.

In most cases, students find that making use of alternative media takes as much, if not more time, as traditional reading.

In addition, it often takes an entire semester to become comfortable with the use of alternative media, particularly if one has never used it before. Students must consider carefully whether they wish to make the time commitment this accommodation requires.

For students who have not had experience using any form of alternative media, a trial experience with one or two book selections is highly recommended.