Veterinary Technician - Accepted Student Information

You will receive notification for orientation in late April or early May. Orientation is REQUIRED for accepted students. This notification will include instructions on signing up for one of these orientation sessions. Failure to sign up for one of the orientation times will forfeit your spot in the program and the consequent cancellation of your application. For more information on orientation, please contact the School of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology at (608) 246-6800.

During Orientation, admitted students are REQUIRED to register for classes. If you do not register during your orientation, you forfeit your spot in the program and your application will be cancelled (notify our office as soon as possible if there are extenuating circumstances which prohibit you from attending one of the sessions; extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by our Academic Advisor to determine further eligibility).

Job shadowing of a Certified Veterinary Technician is mandatory and must be completed prior to attending program orientation. It has been our experience that students who come into the program with prior experience working with a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) are more successful in their studies. Job shadowing gives students a more realistic idea of the career and will ultimately help you visualize yourself as a CVT. You will see first-hand the fast-paced, multi-tasking career of the Certified Veterinary Technician and will come to the program better prepared and knowing what to expect. Please note that it is important to shadow the Veterinary Technician, not the Veterinarian. 

Complete your Veterinary Technician Job Shadow Form (PDF, 782KB) and bring the completed for with you to orientation.