Veterinary Technician - Waitlisted Student Information

Waitlisted students are required to pay a $50.00 advance reservation fee to hold their place on the waiting list. Applicants who do not pay this fee within the required time will forfeit their place on the waiting list, consequently canceling their application for the program. The Advance Reservation Fee notification and form were sent with your official acceptance to the waiting list notice. If you did not receive this information, contact our office immediately at (608) 246-6800, to avoid a cancellation of your application. 

Approximately the first 20 students on the Vet Tech program waiting list will be invited to a program orientation to take place during the summer. As openings occur (see next paragraph), we will admit and register students from the program waiting list who have attended this orientation. Students invited to this orientation do not need to attend the orientation for waitlisted student.

From now through August, the program waitlist will be monitored for openings as they occur (the order of applicants on the waiting list is determined by the complete date of the submitted application). As openings occur, we will offer a place in the program to the next qualified applicant from the waiting list. Students admitted from the waiting list will be required to attend program orientation and register for classes. (In the event that we have additional openings in the program during the summer, if needed we will schedule an additional orientation.)