Instructors may add different types of video or media content to enhance their Blackboard courses. Here's a few suggestions and resources for getting started:

  • Our college on-campus computers should be already set up to play back most types of video and media.
  • If you are using a personal computer, depending on the type of content, you may need to add a plug-in, player or adjust your settings in order to view the content.
  • Some types of media have specific technical requirements and may play better in one browser than another.It's often a good idea to have a couple browsers available on your personal computer.
  • Some embedded media content displays right in the Blackboard page - the video or audio player appears directly on the page.
  • Sometimes there's a link to media content and the link will direct you to another webpage. Links may open in a new window, so make sure you allow pop-ups when using Blackboard.
  • You'll want to have a good internet connection to view online videos and media. Media files can be quite large and even with a good connection it may take a while for a video to download to your computer and start playing.
  • Be sure to follow any instructions from your instructor.

Browser Check

  • Our college Blackboard browser check will help check for some of the commonly used plug-ins, and is a good way to get started.
  • Commonly used plug-ins
  • General information about Blackboard Compatibility and Specifications
  • Some instructors add extra content to their courses, often from 3rd party systems. For example, your class might be using MyMathLab, SoftChalk, MyLabs, Collaborate, videos, an online textbook publisher platform or other online learning activities. The technical requirements for those systems might be different than the usual Blackboard settings. Be sure to read and follow recommendations from your instructor or that system.

Blackboard Collaborate

  • Instructors may add recorded lectures, presentations or use web-conferencing tools with Blackboard's Collaborate.
  • Getting Started for Students - Collaborate Help

Films on Demand



  • Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons (PDF) from SoftChalk
  • Works on MAC or PAC. Depending on the content, might not work on mobile devices.
  • Don't use Chrome. Firefox or Safari are recommended.
  • Allow pop-ups and enable javascript.

Video Everywhere - Blackboard's built-in connection to YouTube


Multimedia Academic Resources

Videos about using Blackboard - for students

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