Vital Focus

Vital Focus is a package consisting of an online survey of all institutional employees and a series of on-campus conversations about institutional strengths and opportunities. A Commission-selected and trained facilitator stimulates the on-campus discussions. Vital Focus can serve as a tool for engaging the entire campus community by having everyone collaborate in creating Action Project ideas that can initiate the institution's quality program.

In March 2007, the College conducted its second Vital Focus. All employees were invited to attend listening sessions facilitated by the AQIP Analysis Team. The team presented nine project statements and themes that they developed based on the 91 proposals shared during the College's March 13, 2007 Conversation. The AQIP Analysis team presented the project statements to College Council, who selected five of the projects for inclusion in the College's collegewide improvement process.

The following items are data from Madison College's Vital Focus process.