VMWare View Client

Student Access to Virtual Desktops from Personally Owned Equipment using VMWare View

Madison College allows students to access and use virtual desktops from personally owned computers and some mobile devices. To access virtual desktops using your personal equipment, you would need to install a free software application named VMWare View Client.vmware icon

Please Note:

  • On-campus: Be sure to use MC-Secure Wireless. Access to virtual desktops from student-owned computers is available while on-campus.
  • Off-campus remote access to virtual desktops is available for some courses, but due to licensing restrictions not all apps and programs may be available off-campus. 
  • Virtual Desktop Availability - The number of virtual desktops available for access from student owned computers is limited by software licensing and other considerations. If all virtual desktops are in use by other students, you may get a message indicating that all desktops are in use.
  • Software Applications Available -Some applications are limited by Madison College software agreement licenses that prevent students from using them on student-owned computers, for example Acrobat Pro or the Adobe Creative Suite. Icons and/or Start Menu launch options will not be available on the virtual desktop for these applications.

Supported Operating Systems and Getting Started How-To Guides:

Android - Student Access to virtual desktops using personal Android devices, (PDF, 339 KB) updated 11/6/2013

IOS - Student Access to virtual desktops using personal IOS devices, (PDF, 410 KB) updated 11/6/2013

LinuxStudent Access to virtual desktops using personal Linux computers, (PDF, 350 KB) updated 11/6/2013

MACStudent Access to virtual desktops using personal MACs, (PDF, 485 KB) updated 11/6/2013

Windows - Student Access to virtual desktops using personal Windows computers, (PDF, 830 KB) updated 11/6/2013

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