Voice Data and Video Apprenticeship (Teledata Communications)

Work Description

Teledata communications technicians design, integrate, install and provide field maintenance and service on products that transport voice, video, audio and data signals in commercial or residential premises; capture and display signals; and use signals to contact electrical apparatus. They work for a variety of companies including alarm, security or home automation companies, data cabling companies, home theater designers, sound and communication contractors, systems integrators telecommunications or electrical contractors with data communications divisions.

Working Conditions

Teledata work can be indoors or outdoors with less exposure to inclement weather. The strenuous work requires standing for extended periods in cramped or uncomfortable positions. Safety procedures are strictly enforced while working with high voltage or in high places and have greatly reduced and prevented electrical injuries from electrical shock, falls and cuts.


3 year training program
4,900 hours on-the-job training
432 hours paid related instruction
Additional related instruction may be required.

Courses may include blueprint reading, fire safety, relay logic, computer skills, electronics, instrumentation, electric code, networking, data communications and safety.

You can find more information on the Department of Workforce Development of Wisconsin web page.