Watertown Adult Learning Center

Learning Center Objectives:

    • Assist adults of all ages in learning & understanding basic educational life long skills.
    • Prepare adults for the completion of the General Education Diploma (GED) or the High School Equivalency Development Certificate (HSED)
    • Assist Madison College program-enrolled students with the academic skills to complete their course work successfully.
    • Assist students with other Madison College resources available to them.

What is offered at the Learning Center?

    • GED/HSED Education program
    • Writing skills & basic composition
    • English grammar, spelling & vocabulary
    • Math & science skill
    • Reading comprehension
    • Social Studies/Citizenship
    • Pre-employment skills & career planning
    • Computer literacy & keyboarding skills
    • HOURS: Tuesday, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM and evenings 4:00 to 7:30 PM on Tuesday
    • GED/HSED Requirements: Students must be at least 18-1/2 years old to test
    • Attend GED/HSED orientation (must be 18 years old to attend)
    • Develop a schedule to work in the Learning Center

Additional Information:

Contact Information:

    • Local phone number:  (920) 206-8122
    • Toll-free phone number:  (800) 322-6282, ext. 8122
    • Fax number:  (920) 261-3768
    • E-mail:

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