Weather Emergency

Weather/Emergency & Building Closure Information

Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) is concerned about the safety and welfare of its students, staff and visitors. Although Madison College seldom closes due to severe weather, decisions regarding the closure of any college building are communicated as early as possible using various methods.

Building Closure Notification

The most current information regarding campus building closures is available by calling the Madison College Emergency and Building Closure Hotline at (608) 246-6606 or logging onto the College's home page. Madison College also sends an email message to all activated student and staff email accounts notifying them of the decision to close a building. Students and staff who have registered for the WolfPack Alert will also receive a text message regarding building closures.

Radio and Television Stations

Students, staff and visitors are urged to monitor their local radio and television stations (PDF, 7 KB) for information regarding campus closings. Once Madison College makes a decision to close a campus building, area radio and television stations are notified. Depending upon the number of other closures the stations receive, this information may take a while to broadcast.

Daytime Weather Emergency

If a weather emergency occurs during class time, an announcement will be made over the PA system. Occupants of the building will be directed to proceed to the nearest shelter areas within the building where they should remain until an all clear is given.

Individual/Personal Decision

Madison College strongly encourages individual students, as well as staff, to make their own decision with consideration for their personal situation. Individuals know best their situation regarding the distance of their drive, the road conditions, the condition of their vehicle, etc., and should make an individual decision whether they should report to the campus as usual. Students will not be penalized if they cannot report to work or meet classes as scheduled. They will be given an opportunity to take scheduled examinations at another time. Provisions shall be made by faculty for completing any classroom work on a formal or informal basis.