Why Study Spanish?

Why in the world NOT?

There are so many reasons, but here’s a top-ten:

10.  Spanish: 4th most widely spoken language on Earth.  1st in number of native speakers.

9. Be healthy and happy.  Second-language study reduces chances of suffering from dementia and related diseases later in life

8.  Travel like James Bond.  Do you want to truly travel or just vacation?  Look how much easier people get along on the Amazing Race if they speak the language.

7.  Keep up with popular culture.  What did that Chihuahua just say about the taco?  What exactly is Pitbull saying in that song?

6. Three syllables: Re-su-mé.

5.  Help people.  Spanish can be very useful in volunteer opportunities or simply giving directions.

4. Expand your horizons.  Someone might offer you a job overseas.  Or that gorgeous person you were just checking out approached you and said “Ello, I, um, eh... sorry, do you speak Spanish?”

3. Discover, and better understand, the enormous contributions of Hispanic culture in the U.S. and in the world.

2. Your English will improve.

1.  It’s a lot of fun.