Wireless Access

Wireless network access is available throughout our college campuses.

Improvements to the wireless systems and security

Students, Faculty and Staff may follow the provided instructions to set up their personal laptop or mobile device to access the secure campus wireless - "MC-Secure". Laptops that are property of Madison College are already be set up to authenticate to the wireless network.

MC-Secure Wireless Network

Recommended network for all Students, Faculty and Staff 

When connecting personal computers and devices, Madison College recommends users connect to the “MC-Secure” wireless network using Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2).  This wireless network requires user authentication using your Madison College logon credentials and provides data encryption which secures your wireless session from eavesdropping.

  • Most devices should be able to connect to our "MC-Secure" wireless. Consult your user guide from your computer or device manufacturer for information about your personal device's wireless capabilities.
  • The first time you connect, or when you change your network password, you should set up the wireless connection to MC-Secure.
  • After that, you can then set your laptop to automatically connect when you are on campus. 
  • Check our Online Security and Wireless Guide to learn more about information security.
  • When using Blackboard, especially when taking online tests or quizzes, or when viewing online videos for class, be sure to connect to MC-Secure.
  • If you setup access to MC-Secure, then later change your college network account password, remember to change your password on all your devices. For example, be sure to change it on your laptop and your smartphone.

To set up your personal laptop or device on the MC-Secure network, use one of the guides below.

Quick Setup Guides for MC-Secure:keyboard photo

Start Here with these quick setup guides.

Manual Setup Guides for MC-Secure:

Use these manual setup guides if quick setup does not work.

Other Device Guides for MC-Secure: 

If your device is not listed above, check this list of the general wireless settings required.


Most computers should have the required certificate already. In some cases, if setup does not work, users may need to first add the certificate file.

Guest and Visitor Access

Users who do not have Madison Area Technical College accounts may be able to access the wireless systems using "MC Guest .  Usage limitations may apply and you will need to accept a usage agreement. When using Blackboard, especially when taking online tests or quizzes, be sure to connect to MC-Secure due to limitations with MC-Guest.

College email and Mobile Devices on-campus: Exchange ActiveSync does not work with Guest Access. Users must use MC-Secure to receive email to their wireless device.


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