Writing Center Workshops

Writing Center Workshops

The Madison College Writing Center offers targeted workshops throughout the semester to help you brush up on your grammar, prevent plagiarism, and use research effectively in your writing. Workshops for Fall 2014 haven't been scheduled yet, but look back here for updated information.  Here are some of the workshops we've offered in past semesters:

Grammar Bootcamp 1

This Bootcamp will  help you get your usage and grammar “in shape” for college-level writing. Because a two-hour workshop can’t hope to fix all the bad language habits of a lifetime, this seminar will focus on those credibility-killer mistakes that college students still tend to make. Bring all your grammar stumpers, and we'll try to tackle all those baffling punctuation and style issues that continue to give you trouble.


Grammar Bootcamp 2

How many times has your instructor written “Wordy!” or “unclear” in the margins of your papers?  While it may get you to a page limit, rambling, unfocused writing will never get you a good grade. Lucky for you, Grammar Bootcamp II is all about finding and cutting the excess “flab” out of your sentences. Learn to edit for clarity and conciseness. Believe me, your instructors will thank you!

Writing With Research

Writing a research paper this term?  Ever cut and pasted from a source into your paper?  Move beyond the grown-up version of copying out of the encyclopedia!  One of the toughest things you'll learn in your college classes is how to intelligently incorporate researched information into your own writing.  We’ll discuss this, as well as the conventions and logic of documentation. 


Cite It Right: Avoiding Plagiarism                                                            

You know plagiarism is a serious academic offense.  But what exactly constitutes plagiarism and how exactly do you avoid it?  This workshop will cover this thorny topic as well as teach you the basics of MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), and Chicago documentation styles.  We'll also show you ways to effectively use online tools so that a bibliography never stumps you again.

Personal Statements: Sound like you...only better!                                                               

Don't let an application essay stand between you and the money you need for books or tuition.  Or maybe you're writing a personal statement for application to a four-year school.  While the personal statement is one of the toughest pieces of writing you'll ever write, you don't have to do it alone.  In partnership with the Madison College Foundation, the Writing Center is holding two workshops to help you write an application essay that is genuine, engaging, and polished.