Your FATE Future


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You’re almost ready to graduate – Congratulations! Now, have you thought about your FATE Future? 

  • Do you have a job yet?
  • If you have student loans, do you have a plan for repayment?

Check out the following modules and tools to prepare for your FATE future:

»Life Skills 103 Lessons include: 

    • Steps to prepare for student loan repayment
    • Options available for student loan repayment
    • Your responsibilities for repaying your student loans

»Life Skills 304 Lessons include:

    • Identifying the deductions and taxes that are taken out of your paycheck
    • Determining the amount of your take-home pay

»Life Skills 305 Lessons include: 

    • Resources to determine the salary associated with your chosen career
    • Creating a post-school budget
    • Money-saving strategies

More on your FATE Future

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