Youth Apprenticeship

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What is a Youth Apprenticeship?

Get paid while you learn! Work in a business or industry environment and gain valuable on-the-job training. After your internship is complete, you may also be eligible to earn technical college credit for your apprenticeship. Retroactive credit may be received only if you attend a Wisconsin technical college 27 months after high school graduation and had an apprenticeship agreement on file before graduation.

Am I eligible for a Youth Apprenticeship?

Students eligible for a Youth Apprenticeship include high school juniors and seniors, who have participated in career exploration, guidance and/or education activities, which allow them to make an informed choice about their chosen career area.

What apprenticeships are available to me?

Apprenticeships offered vary by year and area, check with your high school guidance counselor for your apprenticeship options.

What paperwork is required?

What steps should I follow?

  1. The student must present a certification of competency from the Department of Workforce Development.
  2. The student must enroll at Madison College in a program that is included in the Youth Apprenticeship Agreement within 27 months of high school graduation.
  3. The division will determine which particular credits within the program the completed Youth Apprenticeship will satisfy.



For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact D'Ann Zickert at (608) 243-4650.