Youth Options

What are Youth Options?

Youth Options classes opens the door for more class options!

Want to attend a college class at a Madison College campus? Youth options allows eligible students to take college courses on campus while still attending high school. This option allows students a great way to learn beyond what is offered in your local high school. Youth options classes are tuition-free, they are paid for by your local school district!

Students must petition their school district by filling out a PI-8700a form (PDF, 198 KB). The course must be from the approved list of Youth Options courses, must be different than a course available at your high school, and must be approved by your high school.

Am I eligible for Youth Options?

Youth options are open to any Wisconsin public school students who have maintained a high grade point average in high school and display necessary responsibility and maturity levels needed to enter a college level course. They may not have any significant disciplinary problems on their student record.

What classes are available to me?

A list of all youth options classes are available here. There are two options available: regular Madison College courses or Liberal Arts transfer courses.

Be sure to check out your options with your high school counselor. Classes must be approved by your school board before you are able to register.

If you are interested specifically in the Nursing Assistant class, you have some additional work to do!

What paperwork is required?

  • The PI-8700a form (PDF, 198 KB)
  • Your high school transcript
  • Official test scores (COMPASS from another location, ACT)

What steps should I follow?

  1. The Youth Options Information Guide and Checklist should help you through the process.
  2. First, talk to your high school counselor and state your interest in earning early college credit. Check the Youth Options course catalog for available classes.
  3. Fill out and submit PI-8700a form (PDF, 198 KB) to your school district. (Due by March 1 for fall semesters, October 1 for spring semesters)
  4. Set up your student account through myMadisonCollege. Following the student tutorial can help if you would like. 
  5. Take care of all class prerequisites, if necessary. This may include COMPASS testing.
  6. Enroll in your class using the Student Center.
  7. Attend your class at a Madison College campus.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact D'Ann Zickert at (608) 243-4650 or email