Here's why taking a "gap year" is not a good idea this fall



The coronavirus pandemic has some college students questioning whether they should enroll for classes this semester and take a "gap year" instead. Experts say don't do it.  


Gretchen Rixie, Madison College’s director of Advising, Career, Employment and Transfer Services, told Channel 15 and Channel 27 that COVID-19 has limited travel right now and it's also making it difficult to find a job or internship.

“So I encourage students to really think about what is the goal you're trying to reach and what are alternative ways you can reach that goal," Rixie told Channel 27.


NerdWallet says if you need to complete general education requirements, check out your local community college this fall. It says you can save money on tuition, avoid the unknowns with in-person classes and complete graduation requirements.