Do you want to attend part-time? 

Students who attend the Medical Assistant program part-time will complete 4-5 courses per semester and complete the program in 3 semesters. Note: the part-time track may have financial aid eligibility implications please check with your academic advisor if you receive financial aid assistance.


Fall Semester  

Spring Semester  

Fall Semester  

Spring Semester

Human Body/Health/Disease (31509302) 

Medical Office Insurance/Finance (31509307)

MA Clinical Procedures 1 (31509304) 

MA Clinical Procedures 2 (31509306) 

Medical Terminology (10501101) 

Medical Law/Ethics/Prof (31509309) 

MA Lab Procedures 1 (31509303) 

MA Lab Procedures 2 (31509305) 

Digital Literacy/Healthcare (10501107) 

Pharmacology for Allied Health (31501308) 


 Practicum (31509310) 

Administrative Procedures (31509301)



Credits   10Credits   6Credits   6Credits   8


Additional Course: Written Communications (10801195) or English 1 (20801201) needed