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Surgical Technologist
Program Number: 315121
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Technical Diploma
Area of Study:
Health Sciences
Delivery Method:
100% In Person
Estimated Time to Complete:
45 Credits | Finish diploma in 1 year
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Estimated Tuition


$6,909.75 Tuition
$1,256.68 Materials/Supplemental Costs
$238.00 Other Costs
  • Program Overview

    Surgical technologists are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients in a variety of settings. The Surgical Technologist program at Madison College will prepare you to enter this important health care field.

    A surgical technologist works under the supervision of a surgeon to ensure that the operating room environment is safe, that equipment functions properly, and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety.

    A surgical technologist possesses expertise in the theory and application of sterile and aseptic technique. They combine the knowledge of human anatomy, surgical procedures, and implementation of tools and technologies to facilitate a physician's performance of invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

    Students who are successful in becoming surgical technologists:

    • Possess a strong sense of responsibility, considerable patience and concern for others
    • Function well in a team
    • Possess manual dexterity and fine motor coordination
    • Perform accurately and efficiently under pressure

    Please note that after acceptance to this program, you will be required to complete a background check and provide documentation of current required-immunizations and current Healthcare Provider CPR certification.

    Program Details

    Wisconsin law requires background checks for persons who provide care for others or have access to people who receive care. This law applies to students in many School of Health Sciences programs. Please review the Caregiver Background Check information on the School of Health Sciences Forms and Policies.

    ALL accepted (petitioned - awarded) Surgical Technology students will need to complete a 10-panel urine drug test prior to the start of the fall semester. 

    Students in the Surgical Technologist program must attend full time.

    Classes are offered Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

    Surgical Technologist classes may be offered at these Madison College campuses:

    • Madison - Truax


    Earning your Surgical Technologist diploma at Madison Area Technical College prepares you for valuable work as a:

    • Surgical Technologist
    • OB Technician
    • Central Supply Technician
    • Private Scrub Technologist
    • Second Assisting
    • First Assisting Technologist
    • GI Technician
    • Laser/Endoscopic Technician
    • Tissue/Organ Procurement
    • Material Manager
    • Claims Approver 
    • Surgical Sales Representative
    • Vet Technician

    Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education and/or experience.


  • Curriculum and Experience

    Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2023-2024 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

    Current and newly admitted program students, go directly to your Degree Progress Report to view:

    • Progress toward your specific requirements
    • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

    If you have questions after reviewing your degree progress report (advisement report), please see Advising Services.

    Pre-Surgical Technologist Courses
    3 credits
    Choose one Microbiology course:
    5 credits
    5 credits
    Choose from one of the two General Anatomy & Physiology courses or Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2:
    4 credits
    4 credits
    4 credits
    4 credits
    Choose either Written Communication or Oral/Interpersonal Communication:
    3 credits
    3 credits
    First Semester
    4 credits
    4 credits
    2 credits
    3 credits
    Second Semester
    4 credits
    4 credits
    4 credits
  • Admission

    The Surgical Technologist Technical Diploma (one-year) program is being restructured to meet the newly implemented accreditation requirements for graduation. 

    One-year program:

    • The application for the Surgical Technologist Technical Diploma (one-year) program is closed
    • The last term current pre-program students will be able to petition for the one-year program will be Fall 2023.
    • There is currently 1-2 years between acceptance into pre-program and the start of core classes. The estimated time to enter the core-program is subject to change based on the variable number of students ready to petition each semester.

    Two-year program: NEW

    • Students can apply now to the new Surgical Technology Associate Degree (two-year) program. The first term of petition for the two-year program will be Fall 2023.
    • There is no current estimated wait time between acceptance into pre-program and the start of core classes. The estimated time to enter the core-program is subject to change based on the variable number of students ready to petition each semester.

    After Acceptance

    Once you have been accepted in a pre-program status, your next step is to complete the Petition Requirements. See the Petition information in the next section.

    Additional Notes

    Students will be required to meet the current admission and petition requirements. Requirements must be amended any time accreditation requirements are updated or changed. Requirements may also be amended based on Madison College programmatic assessment data.


    Contact Enrollment Services at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6210.

  • Petition

    After Acceptance

    After you have been admitted into a pre-program status, complete all of the Petition Requirements for your program. Login to your student account and run a Degree Progress Report to review the Petition Requirements and see which requirements you have completed and which need to be satisfied.

    Requirements vary by program, and may include some or all of the following:

    • Prerequisites (examples: Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Biology, English and Reading): This varies by program
    • Course Requirements (examples: Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to Psychology, etc.): This varies by program
    • Testing Requirement (examples: ACT, HESI, TEAS): This varies by program
    • Petition Workshop: This is done online and can be found in Blackboard after you have been admitted in a pre-program status

    You can view the Petition Requirements for the one-year program using the links below.

    Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

    Fall 2023 and Spring 2024     

    After completing the petition requirements, students are then selected for entry into core program courses through the Petition Process.


    Contact Enrollment Services at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6210.

  • Career Outcomes

    After completing the Surgical Technologist program at Madison Area Technical College, you will be prepared to:

    • Apply healthcare and technological science principles to the perioperative environment.
    • Maintain principles of sterile technique in the surgical environment.
    • Provide a safe, efficient, and supportive environment for the patient.
    • Prepare the patient, operating room and surgical team for the preoperative phase.
    • Perform intraoperative case management in the scrub role.
    • Perform postoperative case management.
    • Function as an ethical, legal and professional member of the healthcare team as determined by governing bodies.

    A comprehensive course portfolio will be required for graduation.

    • Graduate Summary

      Graduate Report Summary Overview

      Number of Program Graduates201916
      Number of Surveys Sent201916
      Number of Surveys Returned201715
      Percent of Surveys Returned100.00%89.50%93.80%
      Available for Employment201615
      Percent Available for Employment100.00%94.10%100.00%
      Not in Labor Market010
      Percent Not in Labor Market0.00%5.90%0.00%
      Available for Employment

      Graduates Employed201515
      Percent of Graduates Employed100.00%93.80%100.00%
      Employed in Related Occupation201314
      Percent Employed in Related Occupation100.00%86.70%93.30%
      Employed in Unrelated Occupation011
      Percent Employed in Unrelated Occupation0.00%6.70%6.70%
      Employed - No Response010
      Percent Employed - No Response0.00%6.70%0.00%
      Seeking Employment010
      Percent Seeking Employment0.00%6.30%0.00%
      Reaction To Training at Madison College

      Student satisfaction Mean (Out of 4)
      Number of Satisfaction Responses201715
      Very Satisfied (4)1495
      Percent Very Satisfied70.00%52.90%33.30%
      Satisfied (3)6810
      Percent Satisfied30.00%47.10%66.70%
      Unsatisfied (2)000
      Percent Unsatisfied0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Very Unsatisfed (1)000
      Percent Very Unsatisfied0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Primary Reason for Attending Madison College

      Number of Primary Reason Responses201715
      Preparation for Getting a Job746
      Percent Preparation for Getting a Job35.00%23.50%40.00%
      Career Change11109
      Percent Career Change55.00%58.80%60.00%
      Improvement of Existing Skills000
      Percent Improvement of Existing Skills0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Preparation for Further Education220
      Percent Preparation for Further Education10.00%11.80%0.00%
      Personal Interest010
      Percent Personal Interest0.00%5.90%0.00%
      Percent Other0.00%0.00%0.00%
      When Employment was Obtained

      Number of When Employment Obtained Responses201415
      Before Enrollment001
      Percent Before Enrollment0.00%0.00%6.70%
      While Attending the College031
      Percent While Attending the College0.00%21.40%6.70%
      After Training at the College201113
      Percent After Training at the College100.00%78.60%86.70%
      Location of Employment (related and unrelated)

      Number of Employment Location Responses201515
      In College District1478
      Percent In College District70.00%46.70%53.30%
      In Wisconsin, Not in District587
      Percent of In Wisconsin25.00%53.30%46.70%
      Outside of Wisconsin100
      Percent Outside Wisconsin5.00%0.00%0.00%
      Employer Location Unknown000
      Percent Location Unknown0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Salary Trend
      Salary Trend201920202021
      Full Time Employment (Related Job)Full Time Salary Count151211
      Average Monthly Wage$3,805$3,774$3,961
      Average Hourly Wage$22.12$21.94$23.03
      Average Work Hours per Week39.940.140.8
      Part Time Employment (Related Job)Part Time Salary Count512
      Average Hourly Wage$22.99$19.73$22.56
      Average Work Hours per Week30.83032
    • Graduate Employers

      Graduate Employers for academic year: 2021
      Employer(s)Job TitleCity*State**Positions
      Fort Health & RehabilitationSurgical TechnologistFort Atkinson
      Marshfield Medical CenterSurgical TechnologistBeaver Dam
      SSM HealthSurgical Technologist2
      Unity Point HealthSurgical Technologist4
      UW HealthSurgical Technologist
      UW Health Hospitals & ClinicsSurgical Technologist5

      * - Only cities outside of Madison will display.

      ** - Only states outside of Wisconsin will display.

      *** - If you have a position to post, please contact Career and Employment Services at jobpostings@madisoncollege.edu

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