Additional High School Completion Options

Wisconsin offers several GED/HSED options to choose from based on your individuals needs and circumstances. 

  1. 5.04 GED

    Pass the four GED tests and the Civics test and complete the career workshop.

    Receive personalized preparation for the four official GED exams, plus the civics exam. 

    Madison College has a student assistance fund to assist with the cost of the GED exams. 

  2. 5.05 HSED

    Pass the four GED tests and Civics test, career and employability workshop and meet the requirements in health awareness.

  3. 5.06 HSED

    This option is for students who earned at least 22 high school credits in specific subject areas.

  4. 5.07 HSED

    Consider this program if you’ve already completed 24 or more college credits in specific subjects.

  5. 5.08 HSED

    This program is for those who have graduated high school or a postsecondary school outside the U.S. You must be able to speak, read and write in English. 

    Contact Jose Luna at or 608.258.2378.

  6. 5.09 HSED

    The 5.09 HSED is a competency-based program that is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to earn a High School Equivalency Diploma. Students complete coursework in eight subjects: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Civics, Health, and Employability skills. This program is designed for students to finish in one year. In order to finish in one year, students must study a minimum of 15 hours/week. The 5.09 HSED course is offered at the following campuses:

    • Madison College - Goodman South
    • Madison College - Commerical Avenue
    • Fort Atkinson
    • Portage
    • Reedsburg
    • Watertown

    The courses in the 5.09 HSED program are offered free of tuition. The only costs for students in the program is the books and materials as well as the $15 diploma fee.

  7. HEP Program

    The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) is an educational program targeted to help migrant and seasonal farm workers and their immediate family members earn a GED/HSED. HEP classes are offered in English and Spanish.

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  8. Spanish GED Program


    Latino Academy logo

    In collaboration with the Latino Academy of Workforce Development, Madison College offers classes taught in the Spanish Language to help students prepare for the GED exams. Classes are held at the Latino Academy of Workforce Development at 1917 Lakepoint Dr, Madison, WI 53713. 

    Latino Academy provides wrap around support services such as:

    • Career counseling
    • Case management
    • Child care provided on-site. 

    Students study the Five GED subject areas:

    1. Reasoning through Language Arts
    2. Mathematics
    3. Science
    4. Social Studies
    5. Civics

    Students complete the exams in the Spanish language. 

  9. Compulsory Education Program

    The Compulsory Attendance Law (Wisconsin Statute 118.15) allows 17 to 18 1/2 year old students to modify their high school curriculum with the written approval of their parents/guardians and the school board, and enroll in a program leading to a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) given to them by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A contract will be done between Madison College, the school district and the student along with their parent/guardian if student is not 18.

    • Class is Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
    • Students must attend 15 hours per week.
    • Student is eligible to finish their HSED at the end of the semester in which they turn 18 years of age or when their class graduates.
    • Test fees are $145 and is the responsibility of the school district to pay.

    To get started please contact Leah Wiseman at (608) 258-2435  or