Admission & Petition Appeals

Did you receive letter or email notification indicating that you did not meet the admission requirements for the program you applied to? Did you receive a petition outcome letter or email indicating that you didn't meet all of the petition requirements, but that you could appeal? If so, you may be interested in knowing how that decision was reached and what your options are now.

Admission Appeals

Why was I not accepted into the program?

The Admissions Office considers all of the application materials provided when reviewing an application. All of the program's admission requirements must be met and application materials received by the deadline in order to be admitted into the program. If you are missing application materials, submit materials late, or do not meet all of the requirements, you will not be admitted into the program.

What are my options and next steps to appeal an admission decision?

If you believe you met the admission requirements by the application deadline, you have the right to appeal your admission decision. You have until the later of the following dates to appeal:

  • Forty-five days after the date on the letter or email that provided notification of unmet admission requirements
  • By the program application deadline

Application deadlines, materials and requirements may differ by program; review the program web page for details. All application materials must be received by the program application deadline. If you did not submit all your materials by the stated deadline, you may not submit an appeal. However, you are welcome to submit your application materials and reapply during the next available application period. 

To submit an appeal, complete the Program Admission/Petition Appeal Form (PDF, 791 KB).

Requirements can change from term to term so be sure to review Admission Requirements under the Admission tab of your desired program web page. Many programs also have open availability, so you may want to consider transferring your application to another program for which you already have met the requirements. Please note that transferring an application can only be done within the same term as the original application.

The Program Admission/Petition Appeal Form is not to be used for residency-related requests. Review Residency Determination information to learn more. This appeal process applies only to program admission applications; it does not apply to the petition appeal process.

Petition Appeals

Why was my petition into core courses not accepted?

The Admissions Office uses your Degree Progress Report to see if you have met all petition requirements. You must complete all of the requirements before you submit your petition form. If you do not complete the petition requirements or complete them after you petition, you will not be selected for entry into the core program classes. 

What are my options and next steps to appeal a petition decision?

Only a small number of students are eligible to appeal a petition decision. If you are one of them, you will receive letter or email notification stating that although you have not completed all of the petition requirements, there is still room in the program. If you are able to complete the outstanding requirements, your petition may still be accepted. Follow the directions in this letter to complete your petition requirements, make sure your Degree Progress Report confirms this, then complete the Program Admission/Petition Appeal Form (PDF, 791 KB).

You will be awarded a spot based upon the information available on petition process webpage. If you submit the petition appeal form and were not eligible to do so, it will automatically be denied.