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Architectural Studies Transfer Program

Are you interested in turning your two-year associate degree into a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture? We offer a program-to-program articulation agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (BSAS) program. Successful completion of our program could start you off with 60 to70 credits into the BSAS program. Students are required to meet with the program director for advising and course scheduling plans.

With small class sizes, personal attention and a high-quality education that transfers, Madison Area Technical College is the on-ramp to your four-year architectural degree. Complete your associate degree in the Architectural Technician program, save money and transfer after graduation. Get started and plan your courses.

To officially pursue this version of the Architectural Studies program, students must first apply to the Architectural Technology program, and once admitted work with an advisor to "plan change" to the 106141-TR.

Explore financial aid eligibility for Architectural Studies Transfer.