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Financial Aid Book Charge

The Financial Aid Book Charge Program allows you (if eligible) to charge your books and/or supplies for Madison College classes against your financial aid award within the dates listed below. The Book Charge Program is completely optional; you are not required to use it. If you decide not to use the program, your financial aid will disburse as normal.

Summer 2019 Book Charge Dates

May 13 - June 14 2019



Check Eligibility

Once the Book Charge process starts, you may check your eligibility in your myMadisonCollege Message Center.

If you do not meet the requirements, you will receive a Message Center communication with an unmet requirements. After completing all requirements, allow up to 4 hours for your status to be updated and a new message to be sent.

If you meet the requirements, you may be able to charge up to $800 for books. A Message Center communication will be sent to you and will include the amount you are able to charge.

Eligibility Requirements

The following must all be true in order to qualify for the Book Charge Program.

Charge Books

Once you have received a message called "Eligibility Sent to Bookstore," you can charge your books in one of the ways listed below at the Madison College Bookstore. After you charge your books, the charges will be added to your balance due on your Student Account.

  • Online - Order your textbooks online. If you order books online, you can have them shipped directly to you or pick them up at any MATC campus bookstore. Be sure to select Financial Aid for your Payment Type and enter your student ID number for the Account Number. See our detailed instructions for more information on how to order books online using the Book Charge Program.
  • In Person - You can go to the Madison College bookstore with your student ID (OneCard) and your class schedule.

Note: The Book Charge program is only available at the Madison College Bookstore. The use of the Book Charge program is optional and no charges will be applied to your balance unless you charge books. If you wish to opt out of being eligible for the program, email your request to

Return Books

If you charged your books towards your financial aid, you may return them according to the bookstore return policy. If the book meets the return criteria, a credit will be applied to your myMadisonCollege account. Books cannot be returned for cash.