Branding Guide

The Madison College brand is summed up in our tagline, real-world smart. Yet, our brand is much more than a tagline, logo or mission statement.

It tells people who we are and what to expect from MATC.

At Madison College real-world smart is our promise to provide a high quality educational experience that prepares students for success in the real world.

Below are MATC brand guidelines and standards.

  • What we included in our branding guidelines

    The guide is divided into four sections:

    • Branding briefly discusses what branding is and the impact it can have on our students and other stakeholders. We give an overview of the college brand and how it incorporates our mission, vision and values.
    • The Brand Elements section includes information on the elements we use to convey our brand including our tag line and logo as well as guidelines on presentation of these elements. We include consistency and quality guidelines for typography and color palettes.
    • The Print Project Templates section walks readers through the set up and use of templates provided by the Marketing Department. These templates were designed to help college staff and faculty create quality branded products and present them in a consistent manner. The guidelines cover brochure setup and photography selection.

      The print project templates are provided online through the Promotional Toolkit, a selection of helpful tools for those creating college print publications for internal purposes (publications not produced through the Marketing Department).
    • The Style Guide includes both the writing and web style guides in use at the college. While much of what we produce follows the AP Stylebook, there are some college-specific exceptions. Style consistency is important in maintaining a strong and clear brand message.
  • About Branding Standards and Style Guides

     What’s all this talk about branding?

    Real-world smart tagline branding seems to have become a hot marketing buzzword over the last 10 years, but it’s a concept as old as the wheel. Here are some common questions about this thing we call a brand and why it’s crucial for any organization to remain true to theirs.

        What the heck is branding?
        A brand is more than a logo, a look, or a positioning statement (slogan). A brand is what all of those things represent. In other words, what does “Madison College” mean to prospective students?
        What’s the point of branding?
        A strong brand establishes and maintains why prospective students should choose Madison College over a competitor. Like it or not, just like any business or organization, we have competition.
        Whose brand are we?
        Look at the majority of your students. Who are they, and why do they choose your campus?

    (Hint: Is it excellence of education and career preparation at an affordable cost? In other words, is it because you turn students from your region into graduates that are “real world smart”?)

    Real world smart is the Madison College brand. This carries through all our contacts with students, alumni, donors, staff, faculty and the broader community.

    Maintaining a strong college brand

    A strong brand message is key to staying on the competitive edge, says “Neuromarketing” guru and author Roger Dooley:

    ...Harvard is the last school you’d think of as a competition. But what if Harvard opened up a branch campus down the street from you? What if they admitted not just ultra-high achievers, but every applicant who was capable of doing college-level work? Would you lose students? Of course you would.

    The good news is that Harvard isn’t going to be opening up that branch campus. The bad news is that as more higher education moves online, many of the traditional barriers will be blown away. Even if the competition doesn’t come from Harvard, it will come from someone…

    For more from Dooley on branding, marketing and brain research, check out his Neuromarketing blog.

  • Real-world smart Branding

    Real-world smart at Madison College is:

    • High value for a low tuition cost
    • Relevant educational experiences preparing students for jobs of today and the future
    • A broad range of offerings, flexible scheduling and easy access
    • Top-notch instructors with real-world experience
    • Strong support with small class sizes and individualized attention

    Using Real-world smart branding

    • Follow logo and tagline usage guidelines, relevant stylebooks and aim for high quality text and images in everything you produce for Madison College.
    • Craft your message “Real-world smart.”  Keep the brand uppermost in your mind when writing or speaking about the college.
    • Don’t overuse the phrase in your copy, but do explore different ways to make the message clear.

    Tagline usage guidelines

    Consistency is key to our brand message and to the tagline we use to represent that message.

    • Place the Real-world smart tagline in the lower right-hand side when adding it to your document. This is flexible, however, depending on the format of your document.
    • Use Century Gothic font. Type should appear in black, grey or blue only.
    • Capitalize the "R" in real and lowercase the "w" in world and "s" in smart.
    • Use an ending period only (do not add periods or other punctuation between words).
    • When using the tagline in the body (text) of a document, set it off with quote marks, italics or use a different font.