Accounting & Business Lab

If you need help with your Madison College business, accounting or software coursework like Microsoft Word and Excel, visit the Accounting & Business lab in room D3610 at the Truax Campus. Our computer lab offers:

  • Drop-in coursework assistance
  • A safe environment to study
  • Access to business technology, accounting & finance textbooks, working papers and other course material
  • Proctoring of challenge exams
  • Scanning and color printing


If you believe you already have the skills you would gain in a required Madison College class, you can request a challenge exam. If you pass, you'll get the credit for that class on your MATC transcript. Exams are proctored at the Truax campus. Please see the challenge exam page for more information.

You will need to register for an exam by adding that CPL course to your class schedule. Exams need to be scheduled and portfolios need to be submitted the week before finals in each semester - exams are available in the summer. Once you register, you will find the new CPL course added to Blackboard, and contains more information on contacting the Business Lab to set up an exam time.