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Business Technology Orientation

  1. Orientation Video

    Please watch the Business Technology New Student Orientation video to learn more about the department, as well as program expectations.

    Please note that there are two changes to this orientation presentation:

    1. Faculty advisors have changed. See step 3 for updates.
    2. There are new administrative staff members in the School of Business and Applied Arts. 
  2. Student Success

    Here are some things to keep in mind while planning your success in Madison College's Business Technology progams. 

    1. Don’t take on more than you can handle; balance school, work and family. Part-time status is an option.
    2. Make a commitment to do your best: Attend classes, do assignments, ask for help when you need it and communicate with instructors.
    3. Go to the Business Lab, a dedicated computer lab for Business Technology students offering tutoring help.
    4. Meet with your faculty advisor. It is important to meet when planning your schedule for future semesters or whenever you have a question.
    5. Laddering means completing a certificate first and then proceeding to a program. Or consider completing a one-year program and then continuing to a two-year program. Many courses will count in multiple areas. 
    6. Watch the online tutorials for Blackboard, the web-based course management system we use for our courses.
    7. College transfer choices will impact your choice of English, math and elective courses. Plan now if you want the best transfer to a continuing four-year degree.
    8. Placement tests are good for two years.
  3. Contact Your Advisor

    If you watched the orientation video and read through the student success suggestions, email your advisor to set up a time to discuss your options and register for classes.

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