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Challenge Exams

If you believe you already have the skills you would gain in a required Madison College class, you can request a challenge exam. If you pass, you'll get the credit for that class on your MATC transcript.

Challenge exams at Truax can be taken Monday through Friday in the Business Lab (room D3610). Exam hours vary depending on the coodinator's schedule, so please request times when filling out the request from. If you prefer a quieter environment when taking exams, it would be best to request them in the early mornings or later afternoons. If you require an evening appointment, you will need to find a proctor to administer the exam for you, and please choose the online option when filling out the Challenge Exam Form.

Challenge Exam Request Form

  • You must show a photo ID.
  • If you are using a proctor, you should coordinate with your proctor to schedule your exam and email the agreed-upon date and time to:
  • Please arrive at least two hours prior to the lab closing time to allow sufficient time to complete the exam.
  • A challenge exam is for a specific course and may be taken one time only. If a passing score is not achieved, you will need to complete the course if it is required for your program.
  • If you registered for a challenge exam session but cannot attend, please contact the Business Lab at (608) 243-4019 at least 24 hours in advance so that your spot may be offered to another student.
  • The Business Technology office reserves the right to deny Challenge Exam requests if guidelines and/or procedures are not met. If you have any questions, please contact at Truax.
  • You cannot be currently enrolled (past the first week of classes) in the course you are attempting to challenge.  
  • No challenge exam will be offered if you drop the course for the exam you are trying to take.
  • You may not take a challenge exam for a course you previously failed.  
Available Exams

All Microsoft Office challenge exams will be given using version 2013 of the software through the Fall 2016 semester and will then move to the software version 2016.

  • 10-103-123 Windows 7
  • 10-103-122 Windows 8
  • 10-103-137 Beginning Word
  • 10-103-143 PowerPoint Beginning
  • 10-103-133 Beginning Excel
  • 10-103-145 Beginning Access
  • 10-103-136 Intermediate Word
  • 10-103-139 Intermediate Excel
  • 10-103-125 Intermediate Access
  • 10-103-126 Advanced Word
  • 10-103-132 Advanced Excel
  • 10-103-128 PowerPoint Intermediate
  • 10-103-165 Outlook
  • 10-103-140 Publisher  
  • 10-106-101 Introduction to Keyboarding
  • 10-106-139 Keyboard Skillbuilding
  • 10-106-164 Customer Contact Skills **
  • 10-106-240 Business Information Management **
  • 10-106-182 Information Technology Concepts
  • 10-106-108 Proofreading and Editing
  • 10-106-133 Word Processing Applications^
  • 10-103-168 Dreamweaver
  • 10-106-178 Medical Language for Business Professionals 1
  • 10-106-179 Medical Language for Business Professionals 2
  • 10-101-111 Accounting 1 - Principles
  • 10-101-113 Accounting 2 - Principles
  • 10-804-123 Math with Business Applications
  • 10-804-144 Math of Finance

** Additional experiential forms needed to obtain Advanced Standing. You will be emailed this information.

^ Exam not assessed during summer term.