Change your Program

The tabs below tell you everything you need to know about changing your program. You can transfer your application from one Madison College program to another, cancel your application if you no longer plan to attend, pursue multiple programs at a time or talk to an advisor about changing your current program.


The transfer of application process is intended for students that have not started their program of study. Students should complete a transfer of application form if:

  • They want to change from one program to another, and
  • They want to change programs for the same term as the original application, and
  • The application deadline for the desired program and admit term has not passed. 

To change programs for a different term, you must submit a new admissions application. You may only request to transfer your application from one program to another; certificate applications are non-transferable.

To request a transfer of application, complete the following steps:

  • Review admission requirements and application deadlines for the program you would like to transfer to. Make sure you meet all requirements and submit required credentials along with your request (if they are not already on file) prior to the application deadline.
  • Submit a Transfer of Application form (PDF, 853 KB).

To cancel your admission application, email with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Student ID (seven digits as listed on your admission decision letter)
  • Name of Program applied to
  • Semester and year of application (e.g., Fall 2020)

Class Registration Status: Cancellation of an application does not remove a student from classes they are registered for. Students are responsible for dropping classes they no longer want to be enrolled in. Learn more about adding and dropping classes.

Waitlist  or Pre-Program Status: If you are currently on a waitlist or pre-program status for a degree program, cancelling your application will result in forfeiture of your position on the waitlist or cancellation of your pre-program status.

Students that have been admitted into a program must make the request no later than July 1 for the fall semester or December 5 for the spring semester. There is no deadline for students still on the waitlist.

Primary Program

*Formerly known as Multiple Programs* 

You may be active in more than one degree program, but you must declare your primary program; to declare your primary program, and/or remove yourself from an additional program, complete the Primary Program Form (PDF, 849 KB). International Students should consult with Center for International Education prior to submitting this form to ensure their visa status will not be impacted. 

Please be aware that being active in more than one program may have the following impacts:

  • Only your primary program is financial aid eligible.  All tuition and fees associated with other programs cannot be included in the calculation of your financial aid award. Pursuing multiple degrees at the same time will not increase your award.
  • To obtain an additional degree, 25% of credits must be unique to each program.

If you have more questions about your academic plan, please contact your academic advisor at 608-246-6076 to schedule an appointment. If you have more questions about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 608-246-6170.

Change Current Program

Change term of application: If you would like to change your application to an earlier term that is still available, email or submit a written request Enrollment Services with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Student ID (seven digits as listed on your admission decision letter) and/or Date of Birth
  • Name of Program applied to
  • Semester and year of initial application (e.g., Fall 2020)
  • Semester and year preferred (e.g., Fall 2020)

If you are a current program student and are interested in changing your current program, contact the Student Development Center to talk to an academic advisor about your options, which may include:

Mode of Instruction Change: If you would like to switch from in-person to online program, or vice versa.

Change of Requirement: If the graduation requirements of your program have changed since you started it and you are interested in changing to a more recent set of requirements.

Architectural Technology Plan Change: If you are an Architectural Technology student and want to change from the Transfer program to the Regular program, or vice versa.

Liberal Arts Transfer Plan Change: If you are a Liberal Arts student and want to change your current plan.