Club Incentive Points

The Executive Leadership Team has set aside money to encourage club involvement on campus. Each semester Student Life will distribute $2,000 to the most active clubs.

  • The top 5 clubs will have $300 transferred into their Club Account each semester.
  • The following top 5 clubs will have $100 transferred into their Club Account each semester.

⇒ Incentive points program ends the Wednesday before exam week each semester.

For questions, contact or call (608) 246-6797.

Membership Points

200 Points |  One of your club members is hired and completes the semester on the Executive Leadership Team.

50 Points   |  One club officer and one club advisor attendance at Clubs Orientation

10 Points   |  For each additional club officer or advisor attendance at Clubs Orientation

25 Points   |  Officers who attend ELT's Office Training days

30 Points   |  Every time a club member attends an ELT meeting or your club allows ELT to do a 5-minute presentation at your club event or meeting

Involvement Points

100 Points |  Coordinate a Club Community Service Project, then send a report including the number of students involved, and outcome of the project along with advisor signature

75  Points  |  Host a game during the Fall Campus Fun Day or Spring Winter Fest (ELT will provide prizes to give away)

75 Points   |  Attend an ELT Leadership workshop, discussion or Club Connect - points are awarded for each student that attends/signs in to the event

50 Points   |  Submit a minimum of two (2) meeting minutes per semester

50 Points   |  Submit a mid-semester club report

50 Points   |  Attend the Student Success Banquet

25 Points   |  Post event on your club's WolfPack Connect page

25 Points   |  Post a discussion on your club's WolfPack Connect page

25 Points   |  Respond to an ELT discussion in WolfPack Connect or Blackboard

25 Points   |  Club members who table outside of Student Life - must check-in with Student Life

25 Points   |  Earn points for each club, student and/or advisor nominated - essay must be at least 75 words

25 Points   |  Submit club photos and description of club events or activities to ELT - monthly submissions allowed

25 Points   |  For each member that likes the "ELT-Clubs" Facebook page and/or follows the "mc-elt" Instagram account

Additional points may be added throughout the year by ELT.