Club Responsibilities

To maintain your club, you must:

  • Re-register your membership yearly - due the first Friday in October with a minimum of 2 officers and 10 members
  • Maintain your club information and membership in WolfPack Connect
  • Maintain a positive balance in your club account (if you have money)
  • Hold at least 1 meeting or activity during the year
  • Have club bylaws on file in Student Life
  • Follow the laws of the state of Wisconsin concerning hazing as well as the College's Student Rights and Responsibilities and Title IX Sexual Harassment policies


Re-registration must be done yearly to remain active as a registered club and have access to the list of benefits. The deadline is the first Friday in October. To re-register your club, provide the names, emails and student IDs of your officers and general members and the name(s) and email(s) of your Advisor(s).

Re-Register Here

Consequences of Not Re-Registering

Without advance approval from ELT for the delay, consequences will include:

  • The club information will be removed from WolfPack Connect resulting in loss of the right to reserve rooms, access to club funding account, and advertisement of their club
  • For each month paperwork is late, the club will lose 10% of any funding for the entire school year


The registration of a club may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • At the written consent of the club officers
  • If a club fails to hold meetings or activities for an entire year
  • When a club fails to turn in all required information by the deadline
  • For violation of regulations or policies