College Sponsored Events Regulation




Responsible Administrator: Vice President of Human Resources

Location of Related Procedures: Office of Vice President of Human Resources

Madison Area Technical College (“Madison College”) is committed to supporting and encouraging employee contributions to the Madison Area Technical College Foundation (“Foundation”), as well as participation in Madison College sponsored events and activities.

Paid Time Events

It is not necessary to make up time or use vacation time when:

  • Participating in an event subsequent to a contribution, such as the Doug Redsten golf outing;
  • Volunteering to work at Foundation events; or,
  • Attending Foundation donor recognition events, such as the Foundation Awards Breakfast.

In addition, employees do not need to make up time when volunteering at Madison College sponsored events, such as the annual picnic, convocations, and off-campus recruitment efforts.

Employees should obtain supervisory approval in advance of the event in order to maintain service to students or other customers

Unpaid Time Events

Employees who attend Madison College sponsored events during regularly scheduled work hours that are not part of their regular work responsibilities, such as athletic events, performing arts events, or other social events, should use break, lunch, other unpaid hours or vacation to cover time away from work. Employees may flex their hours upon the approval of their supervisor.

April 2015