Commercial Drone Operator Certificate

Students sit in a Madison College drone class.
Aerial photography. Real estate tours. Drone burrito delivery. Businesses are using drones in many ways. Our certificate can give you and your business an edge with this new technology. We will provide you the education to get an FAA drone license and the hands-on experience to operate your drone effectively and maximize your airtime. We'll also prepare you to become a certified remote pilot.

Drones sit on a desk

The certificate begins with online coursework and moves on to outdoor hands-on training. Learn the rules and techniques while gaining valuable experience with our 3-course certificate.

Certified Drone Operator:  Online Basics

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picture of class members taken from drone
Certified Drone Operator: Flying Skills 1

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Certified Drone Operator: Flying Skills 2

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Certified drone operators must be 16 years old, pass an FAA examination, and apply for waivers in advance of flying in certain areas. No program application is required, but all three courses must be completed within six months to earn the certificate. Students age 16 or 17 must enroll with a parent or guardian.


To register, use the course links above to locate an upcoming section and login to add to cart, or note the 5-digit class number and phone (608) 258-2301, ext 2, for registration assistance.

No application is needed. If you have never taken a class here before, you can facilitate enrollment by creating a student account.